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          UB Liberty Partnerships

        "Me, My City, My Future:

    Sharing Our Message Through

                      Public Art"




       21st Century Skills: A Pathway to

                         Student Success

     LPP Annual Conference, Puerto Rico 

                             May 2016

Using Legos, participants imagined what communication would look like in the 21st Century. One participant noted that, even though he was in his thirties, this was his first time building with Legos. He observed that using Legos to represent an idea allowed him to express what he was thinking more clearly. "It felt like our idea came to life!" A brainstorming session ensued, with participants exploring how they could use Legos with their students to foster creativity and collaboration.



Me, My City, My Future

SUNY Brockport, Summer 2016


Students explored downtown Rochester to identify areas where they saw potential to improve their community. In project teams, students designed and pitched their ideas to the public. Their final presentations included a poster session consisting of their photographs and artists' statements, as well as their group's pitch to the public. Even the mayor's office was in attendance to hear what these bright, inspiring students had to offer!


     Building Community through

                    Public Art

SUNY Buffalo LPP, Summer 2015


Mourning Monument 


This group of students chose "mourning" as the focus for its public art project. This project team wanted to express messages of hope and healing to community members who are struggling with the loss of loved ones. These students embraced the idea that art is a way to send their message that no one needs to suffer alone, and that community members can heal from these wounds by coming together and supporting one another.

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